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Most asked questions

The most frequently asked questions listed, if there are things missing, let us know via our discord server!


How to disable objects from despawning after shooting them?

Look inside the mercy-cleanup config, all objects are listed inside there.

How do I start a store robbery?

You can start a store robbery by breaking the cash registers inside the store. Next aim with your third eye on it to start looting the register.

Where can I change the userinterfaces?

Navigate to the [essentials] folder and open the mercy-ui resource, in here you can find all user interfaces.

Server installation doesn't work.

Everything is explained correctly in our documentation. If it still doesn't work, check all steps and see if you didn't miss anything. Make sure Onesync is enabled and that you have downloaded all the assets.

How can I become a high command of the police?

If you have in-game permissions (admin/god), you can run the command sethighcommand <id> <true/false>. Once you are high command you can walk in to the office of the MRPD, use your target on the printer to use high command options.

I have a weird blur in my screen.

Weird, you can remove the blur by running the "/removeblur" command through F8

Where can I find my StateID?

Open the "details" app on your phone. The first 4 numbers on top of the list are your StateID.

The MDT is not working properly

Most issues with the MDW should be resolved. When nothing wants to save or work make sure you have a MDW Staff Account created in the database table mdw_staff. At the moment you have to create it manually.

How can I give myself admin on the server?

You can give yourself the admin permissions through the server console or database. Navigate in the database to server_users and find your own steam account. Change the data of the column permission to god / admin. Now re-log and enjoy your permissions! (You can set a keybind for the admin menu in your FiveM keybinds.)

Can I use QB resources on mercy?

No, you can't. Mercy is a framework on its own, you'll need to convert QB scripts to use them. You can find a tutorial about this here. Keep in mind that all the scripts you want to convert to our framework must be open-source. Escrow protected scripts can't be converted.

Help! I have [DEBUG] in my console!

Don't worry, this is not an error and will not break your scripts. You can just ignore this, you also have the option to disable most debug messages in the config of mercy-base

I can't use my controls anymore after restarting a script.

After you restart a script type "login" in F8, this logs your character back in, if all goes well you can then use any control again

How can I give myself a business?

Judges have the ability to create/deactivate accounts and buinesses. Go to the admin menu and give yourself the "judge" job under the "Request a job" option. Now that you are a judge you go into duty, you do this with the /duty command. Since you are a judge now you have the option of creating a new business via the F1 menu.

How do I give someone licenses?

As a judge you can give/remove licenses from people. Go to the admin menu and give yourself the "judge" job under the "Request a job" option. Now that you are a judge you go into duty, you do this with the /duty command. You can now give/remove licenses from people through the F1 menu.


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