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Getting started

Learn how to setup the mercy-framework and how to start working with it! Everything is explained clearly.


A step-by-step guide to making sure to have everything ready to start downloading and installing


A step-by-step guide to install the framework

Thanks for showing interest in the Mercy Framework. Our framework is available for download since June 2023, as of today it is being updated daily by developers/community. If you have any suggestions or feedback on making the docs even better? Feel free to leave them in our Discord Server!

Quick start


Before we can start to setup the framework, there are some prerequisites. You will need:

On the next page we'll be helping to setup the database and the other prerequisites. If you don't need help with that you can happily skip to the page after that!

Database Recommendation

We at Mercy Collective recommend using a MariaDB Server. This because it automatically starts up on the boot of your desired system and works flawlessly without any issues.

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